Here are links to other Alumni related websites.

These are the official websites and their respective links.



Up with People

Up with People International Alumni Association

Up with People Canada

Voices by Up with People

Camp Up with People

These are links to the regional sites.


SingOut UWP Africa Alumni


UWP Asia Alumni


European Alumni Meeting (EAM)

European Alumni Meeting (EAM) (Facebook)

UWP Balkan Alumni

UWP Czech Republic / Slovakia Alumni

Finnish Up with People Alumni Association (FUWPAA)

UWP France Alumni

Alumni Vereinigung Up with People Deutschland (AVUWPD)

UWP Irish Alumni

UWP Norge Alumni (Norway)

UWP Swiss Alumni

Triangle Alumni Date (TAD) - Sweden, Finland Estonia

UWP UK Alumni


UWP Bermuda Alumni

UWP CarolinasAlumni

UWP Chicago Alumni

UWP Florida Alumni

UWP Houston Alumni

UWP Colorado Alumni

UWP Missouri Alumni

UWP New England Alumni

UWP NM Alumni

UWP Alumni in Northern California

UWP Philadelphia Alumni

UWP SeaWorld San Diego Alumni

UWP Tri-State Alumni

UWP SoCal Alumni

UWP Twin-Cities Alumni

UWP Yuma Alumni

These are the Cast-websites and their respective links.

Here are links to any other relevant websites.



Alumni Housing Exchange Group

Reach Out Alumni Assistance Network (ROAAN)

Up with People archives - UofA

Up with People Digital archives - UofA

UWP Cancer Survivors Group

UWP Memorabilia Buy/Sell/Trade

Up With People High School Group

Up With People/Sing-Out Alumni and Friends

Up With People Techies

Up With People 96-00 Group

United Stage Potatoe Alliance for Up With People (AKA Stage Flowers)

Up with People Drums & Percussions Cafe

Up with People Alumni Educators

UWP Does it Really Matter

Viva la Gente elenco 68

UWP Friends

UWP Warehouse Crew

UWP Black Community

UWP Survival Band


UWP Camp Jr Flagstaff, AZ

UWP Camp Jr Firestone CO

UWP Jr Grand Junction CO

UWP Camp Jr Harrisonburg VA

Camp UWP 2011

Camp UWP 2012

Camp UWP 2013

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