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Yes. The data you submit here is important and we take every measure to safeguard it.  We have intentionally chosen to host this site on a German server in a German datacenter, and the data backups are not located outside of Germany. This is in order to preserve ownership of the data and ensure we comply with any and all data privacy laws within Germany and in the EU in general.
Think Facebook, but with much better data privacy and no ads. You can friend people, create groups, create events, and choose who can see your posts. Interact with everyone in the Hub, or select a smaller group of people to interact with, such as your cast.

Events Calendar is a central calendar for all events published in the Hub-section. It is an easy way for people to find what Alumni-related events are taking place.

Only UWP Alumni Hub registered users may list properties here. Registered users may not list a property on behalf of someone who is not a member of the UWP Alumni Hub.
Any registered members of the UWP Alumni Hub may list their business. Registered members who co-own a business with a non-alum may also add a listing. Registered members may not list a business on behalf of a non-member.
Greenroom Chat is a relatively new tool that allows real-time interactive chatting with other members who are online. Think Zoom or Teams, but with more real-time options to create chat groups. You can pop into the Greenroom to see who else is there, or you can schedule a Greenroom Chat with your friends.